About Us

Quality and Certification

Under TQM principles, our pursuit of quality excellence never stops.

GRECO implements Total Quality Management measures at its ISO 9001 certified manufacturing plant.

We understand the specialty of solar photovoltaic products that should be able to withstand the test of time under potentially extreme weather conditions. With this in mind, we treat quality as the core of our business and work diligently to upgrade our manufacturing and inspection equipments and standards to meet the ever increasing quality requirements of our customers.

We share the same quality targets with our material suppliers. Stringent in-house quality control is performed along with the entire manufacturing procedure to ensure that we can always align ourselves with the industry leading standards.

Our solar panels have been certified by international leading certification bodies. Meanwhile, we provide 25-year factory guarantee for each of our panels.

In-house and Third Party Tests

Our sophisticated team of quality control and third party testing partners implement comprehensive and extensive tests for our finished products in accordance with the industry leading IEC 61215, IEC 61730 and UL 1703 standards. 

Damp Heat Test Reverse Current Overload UV Preconditioning Test Insulation Resistance
Mechanical Load Bypass Diode Thermal NOCT Test Hail Test
Hot Spot Impact Test Robustness of Terminations Water Spray Test
Cut Susceptibility Thermal Cycling Humidity Freeze EL Test