About Us

Who we are

GRECO is a global leading developer and supplier of green energy products and solutions, with an emphasis on solar power and solar lighting technologies. Founded and headquartered in Hong Kong in 2010, we have a network of manufacturing operations, subsidiaries and offices across China, delivering the most reliable and cost effective photovoltaic solar panels and solar solutions for worldwide customers.

Leveraging our state of the art manufacturing equipments and accumulative research and development experiences, we constantly optimize our product design, improve production process and efficiencies to lower the cost while maintaining the same high quality for solar power installations.

Over the years, we aim to build GRECO as a recognized name amongst our customers including PV distributors, system integrators and installers, and our products have been selected in a wide variety of residential, commercial and utility solar projects around the globe. 

Solar power is a clean and sustainable investment. We are committed to provide our customers with the world most reliable and affordable photovoltaic solar panels, solar power systems and integrated solar LED lights for safe solar deployment.