Why Solar Power

Solar power is the conversion of sunlight into electricity. By utilizing the radiant energy from the sun, this production of electricity is clean, safe and sustainable.

The energy from the sun is abundant and inexhaustible. Since ancient times, human beings have been harnessing solar energy in different ways. Unlike fossil fuels, solar is an environmentally friendly and renewable energy source. Development of solar and solar power can dramatically reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases that harm our environment, mitigate global warming and enhance energy security.

Solar power generation using solar panels is increasingly being deployed worldwide due to the advancement of PV technologies and financial incentives of governments. The cost of solar photovoltaic generation is now competitive with fossil fuels, and solar electricity has already reached grid parity in a wide variety of countries in the world.

GRECO is leading the effort to bring solar power affordable for all. Our commitment to a green and sustainable world is the driving force of our continuous improvement for product quality and cost structures.