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2022-09-21 14:04

MC4-Evo stor: High-quality DC connection for battery energy storage systems

Further extension to the Stäubli PV DC product portfolio for BESS

(PresseBox) (Allschwil, 09/08/2022) The market-leading MC4 photovoltaic connector portfolio of Stäubli now features a DC connection solution for battery energy storage systems called MC4-Evo stor.
The new MC4-Evo stor for connecting battery energy systems (BESS) completes the MC4-Evo 2 product series as an important element extension to the DC 1500 V portfolio.
This mateable connection between the inverter and storage system simplifies the installation and offers the well-known, long-term, robust, durable, and low-loss connection quality as the Original MC4 and MC4-Evo 2 DC cable couplers in the PV string. However, besides benefitting from the time-proven MULTILAM contact technology, this energy storage connection solution from Stäubli has a 45° twisted mating face to ensure fail-safe installation. It is not possible to intermate the MC4-Evo stor with an MC4 or MC4-Evo 2 cable coupler as being used in the PV string or the battery output on the DC side of the inverter.
Same as all Original MC4 Stäubli connectors this BESS connection solution, MC4-Evo stor, is also IP68 conform and is an extremely robust product allowing for reliable and long-lasting operation even in harsh application environments.
The new MC4-Evo stor solution offers a cable coupler model and a panel receptacle mounted on the inverter and the battery energy storage device. Its quality and performance are confirmed by TÜV and UL certificates.
MC4-Evo stor: High-quality DC connection for battery energy storage systems
Source: Stäubli Electrical Connectors AG