Solar Panels to Solar Solutions

Founded in the year of 2010 as a solar panel supplier, GRECO is growing steadily in recent years and has become a leading company in green energy field, with business involving solar lighting, solar power systems and other solar engineering solutions.

We believe the positive impact of solar to our environment and society, and the changes it can bring to people's life on a global scale. At GRECO, it is our passion and mission to bring solar power into every corner of the world through our continuous dedication and innovations. As we grow along with our partners, the world of sustainability grows. Together, we all make our small contributions to a greener and healthier earth.

Solar Panels

Monocrystalline Solar Panels


Our monocrystalline solar panel features a broad range of power ratings from 180W to 315W, with the highest panel efficiency up to 16.53%. It includes our classic 5 inch mono 72-cell panel, which is our best-selling panel for residential rooftop installations.

Monocrystalline Series :

Polycrystalline Solar Panels


Our polycrystalline solar panel delivers an excellent performance to cost ratio. It includes our most versatile 6 inch poly 60-cell panel, which is suitable for commercial and utility scale installations. With options in black, our polycrystalline solar panel is also ideal choice for residential and commercial rooftop projects.

Polycrystalline Series :

Solar Solutions

Integrated Solar Lights

Integrated Solar Lights

Our integrated solar light incorporates highly efficient solar panel, LEDs, lithium battery and intelligent controller into one unit with built-in light and motion sensors (or programmed time slot). These integrated solar lights are compact and light weight for installations and are ideal for almost any outdoor lighting applications.

Integrated Solar Lights Series :

Portable Solar Systems

Portable Solar Systems

Our portable solar power system has built the battery, controller (and inverter) into one compact and portable system box, with solar panel to charge the system box in daylight hours. With plug and play installations, the portable solar power systems provide reliable electricity for homes and communities.

Portable Solar Systems Series :